Complete Equestrian Company

Keep your eyes up, heels down & heart on target!!

Horses love us... So will you!

We cater to these four-legged friends like no one else. They're part of your family. When you trust their care and training to us, we treat them like our family. We've built our reputation on providing training that your horse can understand along with helping you become the best rider you possibly can. Whether it's a full restart or just some fine tuning, no detail is overlooked.

It's not a business, it's a dream lifestyle!

We're crazy about animals: big ones, small ones, all of them - but especially horses! That's why we opened our doors--to serve the type of client we love most. When you come here, you'll see us in our element. We love to show the ropes to the new as well as keep the seasoned rider fine tuned, balanced and in shape!

Give us a challenge!

Our team of experts is ready for just about anything. Ill-tempered, bite-happy, and downright stubborn - all are welcome. Bring it on. Maybe your horse has been naughty and grumpy. Not here. When we're finished, they'll be as happy as you are. Lessons for you and/or your horse. We've got you covered!

We want to see you

Don't wait another minute. Contact us for an appointment to get you and your horse on target! We're conveniently located in Lakeville and look forward to seeing you soon!