Meet the Owners

Power Couple

Dan & Cassie met in 2006 and then wed in 2008.  In their early years they continually vowed to help each other obtain their mutual dream of being surrounded by horses & helping people to learn about them while being inspired to reach for the stars.  They continue to do that today!

Dan Sprenger

 Dan has a natural affinity to the horse and a gentle manner which creates a wonderful learning environment for both horse and rider. He calls himself very traditional, with mentors such as Ray Hunt, Tom Dorrence, Buck Brannaman and more influencing him. And influence they did! You can easily see this natural horsemanship come alive when Dan is working with the horses! 

Cassie Sprenger

Cassie is a very experienced rider and has been teaching people how to ride since the year 2000. She excels at providing her students with the tools to be confident, safe and effective riders. Her low pressure teaching style enables her students to reach their riding goals in a timely manner and be proud of their accomplishments. She loves to continue her own equine education for her own goals as well as to be able to pass that education on to her students.

Our Ever Inspiring Leaders



Summer Camp Director, Lead Instructor, Equine Therapy Leader, Assistant Barn Manager, Volunteer Liaison and Horse Care Professional.



Staff and Volunteer Executive, Horse Care Professional and Supplementary Instructor.



Summer Camp Director, Lead Instructor, Assistant Barn Manager, Volunteer Liaison and Horse Care Professional.



Summer Camp Volunteer, Instructor in Training, Horse Care Assistant & Volunteer



Summer Camp Volunteer and Leader in Training, Instructor in Training, Horse Care Assistant & Equine Therapy Assistant



Summer Camp Volunteer and Camp Leader in Training, Instructor in Training, Horse Care Assistant & Volunteer

Featured Volunteer


Meet Evie!

This young lady is the definition of work hard, play hard.  She always has a goofy, quirky, fun outgoing personality that helps the time fly by while doing hard work.  She is not afraid to spend days on end working hard to create a safer, healthier more comfortable place for the horses, clients, staff and owners.  She shows everyone she meets exceptional respect....even with a tad of well played sarcasm ;)

At CEC she has done it all.....from student to volunteer, to having us help her bond with & train her very FIRST horse. She also is a summer camp volunteer, is in 4H and is always avidly searching for more equine education.  We are so honored to have her a part of the CEC team/family.

How can you volunteer?

Simple!  Just email us to set up a volunteer meeting.

Who can volunteer?

Anyone who can sweep, pick up manure, dust tack & be around horses for the pure joy of it.

What do you get out of volunteering?

You get to be engaged in your community, get an expanded knowledge of horses and farm operations, meet new friends and gain experience in the equine field.