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First of all we would like to thank each and every one of our wonderful clients.

We truly appreciate your kind words. We wouldn't be where we are without you!

If you had a service by CEC over the years and would like to share your experience, send an email to

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          I have been a part of Complete Equestrian Company for over three years.  I met Cassie and Dan in 2014 and was immediately impressed by their natural horsemanship and the vastness of their experience.  Their ability to tailor each lesson and clinic to their clients is incredible.  They did not simply ask what type of lessons I wanted, they asked what my long and short term goals were.  They got to know me and my style, and from there were able to challenge and push me to achieve.  Cassie and Dan inspired me to try new things and gave me the tools I needed to succeed.  They matched me with two wonderful horses, Cash and Pebbles, who are now my partners in all equestrian endeavors!  My riding, horsemanship, and confidence has improved greatly since joining Complete Equestrian Company.  

Cassie and Dan from Complete Equestrian Company are natural horsemen.  They not only educate themselves in a wide array of trainings and disciplines, but they take the time to get to know each horse to design a training program that is best suited for the horse and rider partnership.  Day after day, I see them work miracles and make dreams come true.  Their heart is, as they say, always on target!  -  Martine 


           I have been lucky enough to have been a client and friend of CEC for the past 3 (?) years and I can honestly say, I am a better horsewoman and overall person for it. I started my relationship with horse riding as an adult, the horse world was totally new to me, humbling and intimidating to approach. As a little girl, I always was horse crazy but we didn't have the opportunity to let that passion grow. As an adult, I found the equestrian world is populated with strong individuals who have spent most of their lives in the saddle, riding is similar to breathing and basics are ingrained in their blood. Coming into this world without any muscle memory, hardly any muscle at all was daunting. 

CEC approached all of my basic and probably obvious questions, concerns and wild ideas with patience, guidance and an ever-present sense of humor. No question has ever been answered with anything other than a passion for the process and a strong sense of knowledge. Cassie and Dan love what they do and that passion is infectious. The facilities at CEC are welcoming and inviting and quickly have become "my happy place" where I can go and work hard, have a good laugh and connect with horses and friends alike. 

I recently became a first-time horse owner to a feisty and sweet mare named Jewels. She and I have learned and continue to grow so much, becoming a great team thanks to the knowledge and training we both have received at CEC. Cassie and Dan have been with me every step of the way with my ownership, kindly planting reminders and storytelling their experiences. 

My step daughter, Zita, has now caught the "horse bug" and she attended CEC's horse camp for the first time last summer and has counted down the days since then to when she is able to go back. 

I can't recommend CEC enough, I have had a wonderful experience, learning so much and I am grateful to be a part of the CEC family. - Sarah Nargang

I cannot say enough wonderful things about the fantastic work that the crew at CEC does for both horses and riders. I brought them a fearful and reactive mare for re-starting after I came off of her and was injured. A breed expert trainer cautioned me that this horse might never be able to be safely ridden. CEC transformed her from a constantly tense, fearful, ball of worries, into a much more relaxed, trusting, ride-able, and brave mount. Then, they patiently worked with me to rebuild my confidence. I have been riding and working with horses for over thirty years, and I learn something new from them every time I visit. - Liz Stimmler

Like so many girls, I have always loved and wanted a horse. I was able to "get my fix" via visits to relatives and friends who owned horses throughout my life but sadly, never fulfilled my dream. My granddaughter has been taking English lessons for two years now, since the age of five, at a barn near us. I decided I wanted to take lessons as well and while searching, I stumbled upon CEC's Facebook page! It has given me incentive to rebuild lost muscle and fitness! I have been at CEC now for two months and have learned so much and have built strength and stamina that I was uncertain of regaining! My instructor Brenda has been so patient with me in this process! Being at this barn is so calming. It is my weekly therapy! Cassie and Dan are always welcoming and are so natural with horses! I absolutely love their calm confident manner with both the horses and people!  Thanks! Dreams can be achieved no matter how old! I look forward to riding with my granddaughter soon!- Judy

You and your staff have clearly been camp counselors or had other similar experience because you were terrific with our scouts! The program was efficiently run, interesting and you kept the girls busy!

What a good introduction to horses! As I noted to our scouts before we started the farm tour, nothing is guaranteed in life, especially the weather, but we can adapt to the circumstances. You adapted beautifully.

A very special thank you for allowing the scouts to sit on Kiera. What a good natured horse she was to stand through what was probably very boring to her (but our girls were in heaven!!!!) Please extend our thanks to Dianne and Sara. Thank you and the girls are already talking about a return visit! -- Sincerely, Lisa Harrington, Troop 53825 Leader


I brought Classy to CEC in March of 2009 hoping to broaden my horizons as a horsewoman. Classy had been strictly studying Dressage and each of us were getting bored with the safety of the indoor arena. I’ve been absolutely stunned in the changes I’ve seen in Classy since bringing him to CEC. Prior to coming to CEC, my horse was chronically wired, flipping over backwards in the crossties during bath time, bolting in a blind panic during training sessions, spooking at shadows and insects…the works. Now, with just a couple of sessions of desensitization with Cassie, I’ve brought him to where he barely flinches when a flock of pheasants fly out of the tall grass on a trail. We can ride along the road kicking soda cans without skipping a beat. Plastic bags blowing around are no problem. What amazes me the most is that Classy loaded into the trailer for the Fun Show without any hesitation and we didn’t even work on this! A couple of years ago it took two of us a full hour to load him into the trailer and a bit of blood sweat and tears were shed. What an amazing difference!  - Monica


Ever since I was 5 years old I LOVED horses. I BEGGED and I BEGGED my annoyed parents at least twice a day for a horse. Eventually I gave up all hope on a horse so I started to ask for a bunny. On Christmas Day 2008, my parents bought me a “bunny” and I was so excited! After a 20-minute drive, we arrived at CEC. My dad showed me to the tack barn and I looked in the stall and found my new horse “Nelson”. When we first bought him, Nelson was a perfect, well-trained horse. He had no problem doung anything you asked him to because he was Dan’s horse. Dan used to take him to shows and trail rides on their property. By the end of December, Nelson went from perfect little angel to a biting crazy horse because I didn’t know ANYTHING about training horses. At one point I was scared of Nelson. Cassie and Dan helped me with my confidence level. During the summer and year of 2009, Nelson went from crazed horse to calm trained horse because of all the help, care and lessons by Cassie and Dan. In the month of November Nelson was in training with Cassie and Dan and went from trained horse to WELL trained horse. Now I am fearless when riding Nelson because of all the lessons and tips given me by Cassie and Dan. I have learned so much over the one year I have been boarding at CEC. I am now working on jumping, barrel racing, and trail riding. I am now 12 years old and I went from a shy wimp to cowgirl J I don’t have many friends in school, so when I go out to CEC it’s like nothing in the world exists but me and Nelson. I also like CEC because I can go out and help out by doing chores at the ranch. – Emily

When I was in third grade I wanted to have a horse. I knew nothing about them but how pretty they are and that you can ride on their backs. When I met Cassie I was scared to death of horses. I wouldn’t even pet them I was so afraid of them. When I decided to take lessons I told my mom and dad about CEC they talked to Cassie and sure enough I was taking lessons the next week. When I first started I was very afraid to be on the horse after taking 12 lessons with Cassie I am now doing trail rides with friends  galloping up hills as fast as I can and most importantly I am respecting the horse to the fullest extent. Of course I didn’t learn all of this on my own I had a ton of help from Cassie. When I took lessons I felt like I could trust and talk to Cassie very easily. She knows exactly what she is doing in every situation and she never raises her voice. She is fun to be around and ride with. She never just says ok get on go around the arena and there the lesson is over she teaches you how to groom, tack, and the parts of the horse’s body before you start riding and during. I will always remember and have a special place in my heart for the rest of my life for CEC. – Erin Olson


A friend of mine was searching for a trainer online about 2 years ago and wasn’t having much luck. She then found Complete Equestrian Company. With a lot of conversations back and forth she then decided to take her horse to Cassie for some training. That’s where I came in. I also decided that my horse Decker could also benefit from some proper training on barrels. Decker had some real issues in his patterns, and myself the rider had a lot to learn also. Both my friend and I kept our horses at CEC for about 6 weeks and came out each week for lessons also. Cassie did such a great job with both our horses and us. Come to find out most of the problems were us not knowing how to understand our horses. Cassie taught us how to work with our animals and understand how they think and feel. We both couldn’t have been more happy and impressed with our experience. That wasn’t the last I talked with Cassie. I have since then gone to two of her clinics and what I learned was amazing. I have also had many friends take her clinics. They too were very happy with what they and their horses learned. She is such a great trainer and has a real personality that outs you at ease as a student. She really knows her stuff and is willing to share her knowledge. I also have gone to a few of her fun shows and met a lot of great new horse friends. Dan (Cassie’s husband) has also been great and very willing to help out whenever needed and is also very knowledgeable. I recently acquired a new horse that I am keeping at CEC to be trained. I really couldn’t think of a better place to bring a horse to, and learn from, than CEC. I recommend her highly to anyone in any situation. – Tara Saunders


In the spring of 2008 I was looking for a horse to buy but my parents didn’t know about it. Until one day I told my mom that we were going to see a horse on Saturday. Surprisenly she didn’t mind and was like OK just let your dad know. At first when we got there I didn’t feel comfortable at looking at a 3-year-old because I was just gaining my confidence. But my friend Jolene assured me that he would be a great horse for me, so I bought him. Two years later Corona and I showing games and I think I’m the bomb, when really I’m not. Looking back I realized, one I wasn’t good at all, and two that I wasn’t that nice to my horse and to other people. But one special person still gave me a chance and has transformed me into something that I never dreamed of. Cassie Sprenger has really effected me in a positive way. I’m a lot nicer to other people and my horse, also my riding has improved greatly and people have come up to me, Cassie, and my family saying that my attitude has changed greatly and that I’m like night and day. I started getting lessons from Cassie at the end of August 2010 and I’ve already qualified for the state fair and champ show. I didn’t think we would improve that quickly, but we did and it was all because of Cassie Sprenger. She has changed me so much and I can’t thank her enough .-  Rachel Bromen


Hey just wanted to say thank you for everything you have done for me. From being my boss, my psychologist, and most important my friend. You have taught m eso much about horses and I appreciate you always being there for me J Love you  Shanda Gief


I started riding at CEC in 2014. The moment I met the people and the horses I fell in love. I was shy and still searching for myself at the time, but their welcoming community and encouragement to openly express yourself helped pull me from my shell and shape me into who I am today. As I grew closer with the people and horses they became a second family to me. They have always encouraged me to succeed inside and outside of the barn and whenever I'm feeling down they cheered me up. While feeling out my path in the horse world I tried out a few other stables, but no other offered the kind of family friendly, fun, and safe learning environment that is offered at CEC. From mounted shooting, to English jumping, they offer a wide variety of knowledge and lessons specific to your interests and are always open for allowing you to try something new. The friends I have made here and the things I have learned are irreplaceable and deeply cherished. - Summar